Wolcen: Easy Gold Farming Guide

Here's how to earn large amounts quickly through expeditions and construction in Wolcen's Stormfall.

Running low on gold with your current character build in ARPG Wolcen and need a quick influx of cash? There are some ways to farm gold even now.

Gold farming opportunities beyond the obvious area runs to sell loot are quite limited at the moment. That old stackable items duplication bug using two chipped gems has now been patched out, so sadly it can no longer be utilized to earn millions of gold in a few minutes.

While that cheat reduced grind, it also took some of the fun out of the end game. Let's take a look at what Wolcen gold farming opportunities are still available after you take over the city of Stormfall.

How To Farm Gold In Wolcen: Lords Of Mayhem

After completing Act III (and if you're stuck on that section, take a look at our guide on how to avoid the game-breaking Act III boss bug) the real end game content kicks in at Stormfall.

This is when its time to start upgrading the city and embarking on expeditions, which makes up the bulk of Wolcen's gameplay.

Before we get to expeditions, make sure to construct two buildings in particular.

The first is the Seekers Garrison, which lets you send out townspeople to complete tasks for you and earn gold over time. This isn't as effective as expeditions, but it still worth the investment.

After that, make sure to take Planning Committee II and then construct the Siphon Chamber, which lets you convert primordial affinity to gold. This will end up a solid side method for supplementing your gold income over time as you amass affinity.

Earning Gold Through Expeditions

If you don't mind a bit of a grind, expeditions will end up your main source of gold farming in the end game. When starting an expedition, always take the highest possible level to keep ranking up and increase the Magic Find stat for the level. 

You can spend money to add in extra modifiers and further increase the Magic Find percentage for an expedition, but this isn't always cost effective. That's especially true if you end up making the expedition too difficult and die before hitting the end portal which means you lose everything.

Make sure not to cancel an expedition after applying modifiers, as a bug prevents you from getting your gold back!

Here's how to specifically make money on expeditions: unless you've got tons of time to spare, don't bother picking up any low rarity loot during the level.

Just grab everything that's gold and has the higher quality rolls and therefore a correspondingly higher sell price. 

Unfortunately you can't use the town portal during expeditions, but you can sell excess loot at the trade points at the end of each expedition section. A lot of players miss this because it isn't super visible behind the portals when a level is finished.

At the end of the section, don't go through the blue portal to return to Stormfall or the red portal to go to the next level. Instead, walk between and then behind them to find the trade shrine

Sell everything you picked up and its possible to make around 40 - 50k gold every five or so minutes, depending on how quickly you can clear the expedition levels.

While that's faster than returning to old campaign areas to farm for loot, this can still be a time-intensive method of farming, since it means carefully picking what loot to grab for the best sale prices.

If you really want to turbo charge the amount of gold earned in a shorter time frame and spend less effort sifting through items at each level, choose the Wrath Of Sarsiel mode.

This mode costs gold and affinity to activate, however items don't drop during the level that need to be sifted through. Instead, items only drop after beating the level's boss -- and their quality tends to be much higher, which means you can potentially make more money faster.

Do you have any other great Wolcen gold farming tips we missed? Sound off in the comments below!

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Published Mar. 4th 2020

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