Don't Transmute Items in Wolcen if You Want to Keep Playing

The Stormfall Palace transmutation forge seems like a great idea, except it can soft-lock your game and prevent you from playing Wolcen at all.

Action RPG Wolcen has been plagued with bugs and glitches since launch, but there's one in particular that players need to know about immediately. It's a bug that can completely lock you out of Lords of Mayhem. If you've managed to reach the end game, avoid the transmutation forge at all costs, because it currently breaks everything.

According to the game's developers, it will only receive one hotfix per week for the near future, which means many major bugs likely won't hit critical threshold and won't be prioritized in the first few patches.

While the Wolcen transmute items bug is expected to be among the glitches addressed in those first updates, we don't have an official fix date at this point. Here's what you need to know about it. 

Don't Transmute Items in Wolcen

The transmutation forge menu in Wolcen, something you definitely shouldn't use yet.

Once you finish the main storyline, you'll gain access to a city-improvement feature that lets you upgrade locations in Stormfall Palace. It is critical at this stage that you don't start any transmutation forge projects, and don't use the increase rarity/quality option on any items at all! Seriously. 

Using either mechanic can soft-lock Wolcen and prevent you from progressing at all, or even starting over with a new game. It will cause the engine to get stuck in an infinite loop at the "Checking Game Versions" message when trying to load your character.

Creating a new character doesn't help. Since this takes place in the end game, you will be well beyond the Steam two-hour refund period, stuck with an unplayable game.

If you're willing to brave the bugs, check out the rest of our Wolcen guides for more tips and help, including:

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Published Feb. 19th 2020

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