Wolcen Game Creation Failed Fix: Get Up and Running Now

Here's how to get around Wolcen's game creation failed bug. The only problem is losing some online features.

If you're looking for a new isometric ARPG obsession, Wolcen: Lords Of Mayhem should fulfill that need nicely. The problem is getting the game to load. For the time being, the biggest battle ahead is just making a new character and starting the campaign.

As with many Early Access games, Wolcen's launch has been plagued by server issues and bugs, like the particularly obnoxious message greeting a bevy of players: "Game Creation Failed: Your game could not be created, please try again later."

How to Fix the Wolcen Game Creation Failed Bug

Wolcen in-game error message keeping players from playing online. The Wolcen launch bug preventing anyone from playing 

So soon after launch, the fix is more of a workaround. The problem is almost certainly caused by overloaded servers and launch bugs that will be resolved in an upcoming Wolcen patch.

For now, the only surefire way to get playing is to go through this fairly quick process:

  • Click "OK" when the message appears
  • Create a new character
  • Click the "Switch to Offline Mode" button in the top-right corner
  • Click "Play" to get started

While this fix appears to be working for all players every time, there is one big catch: offline mode characters are not compatible with online mode, and vice versa.

That might be a deal-breaker if you plan to switch to online mode with your friends later, as any progress you've made with your Wolcen build will be pointless.

If you don't mind exclusively playing an offline, single-player game, or are planning to start over and try out a different build anyway, then that caveat shouldn't be too big a deal. If not, you'll have to wait until an official patch drops. 

Have you found another way to get past the Wolcen game creation failed bug? Let us know what worked for you in the comments below, and stay tuned for our Wolcen character build and boss strategy guides coming soon.

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Published Feb. 18th 2020

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