Wolcen Act 3 Boss Glitch: How to Fix a Potentially Game-Breaking Bug

If you hit the Wolcen Act 3 boss at the wrong time, it will cause a game-breaking glitch that prevents you from seeing the final cut scene!

The buggiest ARPG of 2020 has yet another potentially game-breaking bug. Like several other major glitches, the Wolcen Act 3 boss glitch can completely prevent you from progressing at all. Luckily, there's a workaround available while players wait on the next patch. It does, however, take quite a bit of effort to implement.

Before we get to the specifics, know that there are mild spoilers ahead. Continue at your own risk. 

Wolcen Act 3 Boss Glitch: How to Fix It (Kind of)

The Act 3 boss is none other than your mentor Heimlock, and besides being devastatingly difficult to kill, he can also cause a major glitch that forces you to restart!

Here's the trick you need to know: do not damage Heimlock while he is transforming into his ascended flaming wing form. To be safe, don't hit him for a few seconds after either. In essence, if he's standing still and recently transformed, don't deal any damage.

Fighting Heimlock in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem during his transformation period.

If you hit him with anything during his transformation, (like a passive aura effect or a summoned pet) he will stop taking any damage from that point onward He will also stop moving, and no other enemies will spawn. It effectively stops the fight cold and forces you to restart.

After the transformation is complete, damage the boss until the shield bar beneath his main health bar is depleted. Be careful that you do not stagger him. If you're close to staggering him, run the other direction and tackle the summoned minions for a while.

Unfortunately, there are some builds where you flat out won't be able to get this fix to work. Your only options are to start over with a completely different build or wait for a patch to fix this latest game-breaking bug.

Nearly any build may have a damage over time effect, passive aura, or summoned creature that could hit Heimlock at the wrong time. Plaguebringer in particular is a bad route to go with this boss, due to the passive effects of Toxic Emanation and the large number of summons on the screen.

Need help with the rest of the game? Check out our full list of Wolcen hints and tricks. Here are few to get you started: 

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Published Feb. 21st 2020

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