Final Fantasy XIV: 4.1 Patch, Return to Ivalice, and More from Square Enix

Square Enix released a wealth of details about Final Fantasy XIV's upcoming patch, alongside the return of an event collaboration with Level-5.

During a recent livestream and accompanying press release, Square Enix unveiled several details surrounding Final Fantasy XIV's upcoming 4.1 patch, titled "The Legend Returns". It's the first major patch since the Stormblood expansion released and contains multiple updates.

In addition to the return of the Hildebrand quest series, the patch offers a brand new main scenario and new beast tribe quests involving the Kojin. Final Fantasy Tactics or XII fans will be pleased to learn that Yasumi Matsuno is acting as special guest creator, writing the scenario for the upcoming "Return to Ivalice" 24-Player Alliance Raid.

There'll also be 24 on 24 PvP matches involving goblin mechs, an Ultimate version of the Unending Coil of Bahamut, and a new Instanced Dungeon called the Drowned City of Skalla.

The patch is set to release in early October.

On top of these features, Square Enix announced another Yo-Kai Watch event partnership with Level-5. Final Fantasy XIV players will encounter Yo-Kai themed monsters and collect Yo-Kai themed gear and mounts, and, of course, can recruit and summon their own Yo-Kai minions. The event is already underway and continues until November 1.

If you want to complete this event and pick up the exclusive Whisper-Go Mount, check out our guide to the FFXIV Yo-Kai Watch event for all the info you need!


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Published Sep. 6th 2017

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