MaxLander allows you to get data for every Skylander figurine for cheap

A company has developed an NFC reader similar to the amiiqo for Nintendo, called MaxLander that saves data for Skylanders.

A new NFC reader called MaxLander is changing the way gamers will play Skylanders. Using technology to save Skylander data, a gamer can now access over 300 Skylanders items and characters for free using a simple NFC reader and downloading them onto it. 

The idea behind developing the MaxLander is similar to the developers behind the amiiqo for Nintendo: gamers can access characters without paying for them and also save their data for their own characters. With compact devices, it's a no brainer how useful they can be.

Features of the MaxLander

One of the awesome features of MaxLander is that it supports every version of Skylanders. While the amiiqo works with Android devices, MaxLander is used through a computer on either Windows 7 or Windows 8, and spans across many of the Skylanders gaming platforms: Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360, PS3, and PS4.

The basic package of MaxLander is a hefty price of $80, but comes with the all the attachments that are required for downloading and uploading Skylanders, including the limited edition and rare figures. Included in the basic box is:

  • MaxLander data device
  • USB connecting cable
  • Two tokens
  • Two token protection holders
  • Element papers for Skylanders

This could be a great device for a kid who is absolutely crazy about Skylanders since the figures and packs can be very expensive to buy.

The big question for the developers, however: is a copyright infringement on  the Skylanders game and company? We've reached out the Skylanders team and we will be looking for official answers about this device.

review and unboxing along the way

In a few days, I'll personally have my hands on the MaxLander device and plan to write an unboxing article and review on how it works and some of the features they've listed. Look for my upcoming articles about MaxLander and amiiqo that are in progress.

What do you think of the MaxLander device? Do you think this is a cruel infringement on Skylander's products? Could it affect their sales? Share your comments below on this new, possibly IP-infringing NFC device. 

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Published Sep. 1st 2015

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