Apparently, the Higher Level You Are... The Less You Need to Wear!

Yep, bra and panties... I'M ALL SET FOR BATTLE!

So apparently my level 47 pugilst in FFXIV requires nothing more than a metal bra and some leather panties to hop into battle. Keep in mind this is "Green" gear, thus its better than the standard gear and is only obtainable via doing specific dungeons.. even at level 49, a few levels higher the gear I can purchase from the Market boards falls short of defensive stats than this set of gear. 

My Job requires me to be in the monsters face bashing it with my fists. Apparently showing more skin than a supermodel seems to be a good idea!

Lets look at the weather and other such environmental hazards!

Its a blizzard! ... but hey you know, thats ok.  I'm standing on a rock at the edge of a river. I don't know about you, but that water doesn't exactly say "Come swim in me" it says "Stay out or I'll turn you into a block of ice." Now the monsters in the area are well equipped, snow wolves have plenty of white fur, the gobbues have a frost moss growing on them to shield them from the cold. But hey apparently my MiQuote isn't cold at all. 

Side by side... my combat gear doesn't offer that much more protection than my swimwear...
I think my hairstlye is giving me more protection than my gear, least I be mistaken for Lightning.

However its stats are just so much higher. I think my hair is giving me more protection than my actual gear at this point, at least smart monsters might mistake me for Lightning and run away in fear!. That or you know I'm all set against perverted old men that develop nosebleeds when they see this much skin.

Now lets move onto what I wore when I was level 16-20: 

It's a combat skirt!

This gear still shows some legs.. but as Weiss from RWBY puts it "It's a Combat Skirt!" and there's plenty of overhang from the chainmail infused leather coat to shield me from the elements, nice sized boots for kicking monsters heads in with... and look full length leather arms with full gloves! REAL GEAR!

So apparently at level 16 you need to cover up and be ready to take a few blows but at level 47... well, cover up your privates and get to it!

Published Feb. 8th 2014
  • Fara Miw
    Or.... You chose your gear to make a point. You 'could' be wearing aetherial gear from dungeon grinding (which I point out is the fastest way to level at the moment unless your FC sucks).
    Coliseum body = 10 str (remember that aetherial give semi-random additional stats and you'll equal your 15 crit/ss easily),
    Aetherial Raptorskin Harness (harness, more protection, but still sexy) = 11 str,
    Aetherial Rainmaker Tunic (tunic so it's completely covered) = 12 str,
    Aetherial Raptorskin Jacket (again, fully covered) = 12 str.
    And then when ya ding 50, you get the ugly completely covered AF, then the DL/Fuma, and relic... So, say goodbye to looking attractive in Monk gear. :P
    Furthermore, you're using a Monk... They use lighter armor than my Dragoon or a tank for example.
    Just check out MY level 47 Dragoon.
  • Cortalia
    A) - this is for the contest, so I picked out the most outrageous actual application gear that looks useless as I could find, I found this the most fitting because its for a front line DPS job, not a backline mage job (so you can't hide behind the "im not supposed to take hits anyways lols"

    B) Im a Pugilist not a monk, i've only been playing for about 2 months so I don't have any jobs unlocked (and only just have my pugulist leveled). I only just finished unlocking the Sunken Temple of Qarn dungeon so for my level I can't run dungeons for athereal gear since its all way underlevel for my character right now. Im sure as I get further along more real gear with comparable stats will become available and or affordable.
  • Fara Miw
    Wow... You leveled to 47 without unlocking a job...? And you haven't done the storyline... Which means you have to be leveling off quests, hunting log, and FATEs.
    So you got that gear simply from buying it off the market, not even picking it up in DD...
    Now I feel kind of sorry for you. You'll hit 50 and will have no gear options other than Darklight or purchased crafting gear. I hope you're not wanting to do endgame content for awhile. lol
  • Cortalia
    Wow.. you sound kind of condescending there.

    The whole point of a game like FFX|V is to play the way you want to. I am aware that I'm lagging behind in the storyline/dungeon area right now.

    However the final quests/fates for the Lightning Strikes requires you to be level 45... I just squeeked over the line in time to do them all and claim the gear. It was intentional, I get maybe 8 hours a week total to play, I started after the last Lightning strikes event and wanted the gear, if only because I've always been partial to Lightnings original FFXIII gear, more so than her gear in following games. Its only lv13 gear, its kinda pointless but its still something I personally wanted.

    My pugulist is actually 50 now and for the most part I run the duty rullette when I play, and use the proceeds from selling the dropped gear from there to buy what I can from the AH... which is good enough to go through what I needed it for. The plan from here is to now focus on getting jobs unlocked then working through the story to unlock more dungeons...and then endgame.

    And yes I've completed the pugilist hunting log minus the 1 monster I need to unlock umbral isle for... And I'm already done the second rank of the Mealstrom Log and am just waiting on a few more seals to unlock the rank 3 Log.

    If it takes six months for me to reach endgame... so be it, I'm here to play the game and have fun, not burn through all the content as fast as I can.
  • Bradley Sanders
    Welcome to the world of females in games. I've never understood this either. Why does a male warrior need tons of armor when a female warrior is in like you've pointed out a metal bra. If you wanna look at it in a funny way girls kick just as much as the guys in heavy armor, so by that logic with armor women would destroy the game. The cloths are to keep them at least somewhat matched

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