How to Get the Godhand Exotic War Pike in Dauntless

Looking for a way to craft the Godhand? Here is a complete list of all reagents required for the Rezakiri weapon in Dauntless.

Rezakiri weapons and armor are some of the most powerful pieces of gear you can craft in Dauntless. The Godhand, a Rezakiri war pike, is so strong that it can continuously deal up to 200% damage.

If you've been looking for a way to get the Godhand weapon, but can't figure out how to do it, then follow our quick guide below for the answer. We lay out what Reagents you need and how to get them. 

Common Reagents

Before crafting the Godhand, you first need to obtain certain Rezakiri reagents by either slaying the behemoth or breaking one of its parts.

Below is a complete list of all common Rezakiri reagents needed for crafting the Godhand in Dauntless:

  • Rezakiri Chitin (slay)
  • Radiant Aethergem (tail break)
  • Cracked Biocrystal (head break)
  • Neutral Furyplate (2x leg break, raging neutral behemoth)
  • Neutral Skullgem (head break, neutral behemoth)
  • Luminescent Chitin (slay)
  • Exoskeletal Plate (2x leg break)
  • Elemental Furytail (tail break, raging elemental behemoth)
  • Elemental Tailgem (tail break, elemental behemoth)
  • Cataclysm Shard (slay)
  • Lustrous Tailplate (tail break)
  • Elemental Furyplate (2x legbreak, raging elemental behemoth)
  • Neutral Tailgem (tail break, neutral behemoth)

Special Reagents

The Godhand also requires special Arcstones that can be obtained either by slaying behemoths or farming them through Patrol Hunts. The Godhand requires 127 Dull Arcstones for a complete weapon upgrade.

The Rezakiri war pike also requires you to obtain 120 Shining Arcstones, which can be farmed in the same way as Dull Arcstones or by hunting behemoths Level 13-16.

But most importantly, you will need 150 Peerless Arcstones, which can be obtained only by slaying behemoths Level 17 and higher.

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Published Jun. 10th 2019

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