The Rising Event Celebrates FFXIV's 7-Year Anniversary

It's been seven years since A Realm Reborn launched, and FFXIV is going as strong as ever even without events such as The Rising.

Final Fantasy XIV is keeping the events rolling. The Moonfire Faire may have closed up shop yesterday, but today brings The Rising event, celebrating the seventh anniversary of A Realm Reborn and the game reaching 20 million registered players.

Square Enix recently expanded FFXIV's free trial to cover up to the end of the Heavensward expansion, which is a massive amount of content up for free for those who have never dipped their toes into the MMORPG.

The Rising event will run until September 14 and tasks FFXIV players with helping create a stained glass portrait of Nanamo UI and others. It is a relatively easy quest for all characters above Level 15. A Wind-up Ardbert minion and a replica of the stained glass portrait are up for grabs as rewards.

Meanwhile, the Yo-kai Watch collaboration is still running and will be until patch 5.4 hits. A far cry from The Rising event, the Yo-kai Watch collab is a grind-intensive affair that demands players grind medals via FATES in designated areas to unlock cosmetic weapons for each class.

Obtaining all the weapons grants a total of three limited Yo-kai Watch mounts, which are as goofy as they are sought-after.

If you've never given Final Fantasy XIV a fair shake before, now's one of the best times to start playing (and for free) before the patch number marches on to 5.4. Word is housing wards will be expanded with the patch, meaning it's time for experienced players to stockpile gil to get one of the many new plots coming with the udpate.

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Published Aug. 27th 2020

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