Arcane Saga Launches June 5, Restrictive Job System Likely Intact

Arcane Saga launches June 5. Are you ready to combo your way to victory?

Arcane Saga's closed beta came and went like a chilly breeze on a day of perfect weather: not a day ruiner, but ultimately uncomfortable.

With the launch coming up, those who participated in the game's short beta run are left wondering whether the old Prius class system will make a return or whether they will tweak the current unsatisfying system. Unfortunately for those of you looking for more flexibility from the game, it does not look like they will be changing the current system before the scheduled June 5 launch.

Netmarble posted a survey on their Facebook and Twitter accounts requesting players give their feedback on aspects of the game they would like to see tweaked. The lack of an option to tweak/fix the job class system outside of allowing four class changes per day implies the current system will not be changing anytime soon. The survey results can be seen here.

I go fairly in depth on many of my issues with the closed beta build in this article. The restrictive class system is my biggest complaint with the game, as it disallows players to get heavily into customization and specialization. You must switch job classes to be most effective in solo play, parties, or PvP; as the gear and skills you have available vary between jobs. It is not possible use one class's skills while using a different class, leaving you with few active skills at a time.

While the above definitely rubs me the wrong way, it is still very refreshing to see Netmarble staff so active on the forums and being so friendly on social media platforms. Arcane Saga's class restrictions can be overlooked for the time being, but I have my fingers crossed that something will be done about it sometime down the line.

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Published May. 30th 2013
  • McLain Anderson
    Awesome stuff Ashley :) I've never heard of the game until now, but I checked it out and it looked pretty fun. I hope this restrictive class stuff gets tossed though because that could make or break the game for me :(

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