CS:GO Streamer Gets Kicked Thanks To Windows 10

When Windows 10 wants to update, Windows 10 WILL update!

We've all done it before. Windows prompts us to update and we put it off and go back to watching Netflix before bed. Then a week later, while we're reading an article on how to make distressed-looking upcycled furniture, Windows asks, "Hey! Can you update me now?" and we delay it again.

Most assuredly, that's what happened here, until Windows 10 decided it would update itself without asking this time. While trying to run a 9-hour Counter Strike: Global Offensive stream, pro gamer Erik Flom was hit with a different Blue Screen of Death: the dreaded Windows 10 update screen. After much swearing and frantic cancelling of the update, Flom was able to get back to his CS:GO session and continue his planned 9-hour effort, but that frustration and anger is real.



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Published May. 27th 2016

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