Xbox Elite Controller Will Cost $150

New Xbox controller is packed with every feature but the most desired battery upgrade. Plus its damn expensive.

A couple of weeks ago there were rumours of a revised Xbox One controller being ready to make an appearance at E3. The only feature that seemed pretty certain however was a 3.5mm headphone jack, removing the requirement for an adaptor. This would have hardly been enough reason to replace an old controller. What was shown during the Microsoft Press Conference at E3 however may certainly justify an upgrade though, if it wasn't for the price.

Following the exciting but information lacking trailer for the Xbox Elite Controller, the Microsoft website has released detailed information and images regarding its latest controller iteration. The controller will come packed with three different pairs of thumbsticks and two different D-Pads which are all interchangeable. It will also feature four removable paddles for greater control options or simply the ability to play without ever removing a thumb from the thumbsticks. The triggers also recieved a revision, with their own individual hair trigger locks. 

There is plenty to love but also, there are still AA batteries 

The most interesting information on the website however is possibly the price. At $150, the idea of upgrading becomes much less appealing all over again. If you have already splashed out for an Xbox One Controller, then spending three times as much for the elite variety may be a bitter pill to swallow, particularly considering the unbelievable fact that Microsoft still won't include a rechargeable battery. It is baffling that Microsoft would triple the price and still believe that AA batteries are an acceptable power solution.

Will you be picking up an Xbox Elite Controller when it launches in October 2015?


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Published Jun. 15th 2015

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