Did You Catch these Overwatch Easter Eggs?

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  • There's a hydraulisk skull from Starcraft next to the Hearthstone tablet in Temple of Anubis.
  • A comic in Route 66 is named Craft from the Stars.
  • Hollywood has a movie star trailer with Tyrael (the angel from Diablo) printed on the side. 
  • Hollywood also has those iconic stars on the sidewalk- with 3 of them showing the names of The Lost Vikings.
  • Gibraltar has lockers with the last names of several Blizzard developers.
  • Route 66 has a Zerg symbol on a fountain drink machine.

Need even more? There probably are some, plus as I mentioned there are lots of hidden gems in the character dialogue- you just have to listen for it.

Have fun hunting for more Overwatch Easter eggs next week! 

Published May. 19th 2016

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