Trolling Dark Souls 3 Invaders With The Armor Of Thorns Is The Best Kind Of Trolling

Have spiky armor. Will travel.

For those that don't know the Dark Souls series is a game where you bash your head into a wall in pure frustration until you throw your controller at your television. But when you take a break from all that anger and malice, you can participate in the other fun aspects of Dark Souls, namely invading someone else's game. 

The level of joy you experience with jumping into another player's world, then beating them into a pulp is up there with the first time you held a puppy or kissed someone on the lips. But grade-T troll Iron Pineapple found a really novel way to mess with invading players using a unique Dark Souls III armor set: The Armor of Thorns.

Because of the armor's hilariously large spikes, when you roll into a player or an enemy, you damage them. Watch as unsuspecting players get surprised by a bunch of spiky undead hedgehogs and try to flee for their precious lives.


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Published May. 20th 2016

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