Yooka-Laylee: All the Right Answers to Dr. Quack's Quiz Time

Are you struggling to pass Dr. Quack's Quiz? Struggle no more with these answers!

Yooka-Laylee is an open-world, action-adventure platformer that -- finally -- launched April 11, after Playtonic's successful Kickstarter for the game in 2015.

Dr. Quack is the mentally-unstable duck in charge of Quack Corp. His multiple-choice Quickfire Quiz is meant to stop Yooka and Laylee from progressing. The player starts with three lives, and must get a total of 10 questions correct.

If you:

  • Answer a question correctly, you advance forward to the next hexagon platform.
  • Answer a question incorrectly, you lose one life.
  • Lose three lives, you will lose your progress and return to start of the quiz.

That can't happen, of course. If you're stuck with this quiz, don't worry -- we have you covered with the right answers!

The Quickfire Quiz answer overview has been broken up into three sections. We'll be going over all of them in this article.

Spoilers below! Don't continue reading if you don't want to view the correct responses!

Shipwreck Creek / Hivory Towers / Tribalstack Tropics

  • Q: Tribalstack Tropics...How many pagies were required to unlock it?
  • A: 1
  • Q: The Knights of Hamalot...which one rides a pathetic horse?
  • A: Lady Leapalot
  • Q: The disappointing monument boss, Rampo...what does he hate?
  • A: Door-to-door salesmen
  • Q: The Hivory Towers HUB... How many pagies have you illegally stolen from it?
  • A: [Current number of pagies from Hivory Towers]
  • Q: Those ghastly ghost writers... which did you capture first in Tribalstack Tropics?
  • A: [Which the player captured first]
  • Q: Underneath the Tribalstack entrance... what color is the ghost writer?
  • A: Yellow
  • Q: The ridiculous cloud, Nimble... where can she be found in Tribalstack Tropics?
  • A: By the riverbed
  • Q: Hivory Towers' hard working employees... which did you cruelly defeat first?
  • A: Corplet
  • Q: The deceitful salesman Trowzer... how many Quills does he require for his very first move?
  • A: 0
  • Q: The irrelevant dinosaur, Rextro... which token does he seek?
  • A: Play Coin
  • Q: The hungry hog in Tribalstack Topics... What is his name?
  • A: Sir Scoffslot 
  • Q: The new boss, Capital B...what color is his official statue?
  • A: Gold
  • QThe ridiculous, fishbowl freak Dr. Puzz...What is her first transformation?
  • A: A plant
  • Q: That crumbling sea ship you call home...what flies from the mast?
  • A: Shorts
  • Q: Trowzer's bogus moves...which did you purchase first?
  • A: [Either Slurp Shot, Buddy Slam, or Sonar Shot]
  • Q: Pagies (legal property of Hivory Towers)...How many do you have in total?
  • A: [Current number of pagies] 
  • Q: Quills (legal property of Hivory Towers)... how many do you have in total?
  • A: [Current number of quills]
  • Q: This quiz... How many hexagons are on the board?
  • A: 10. 
  • Q: How long has it taken you to get this far?
  • A: [Current play time]

Glitterglaze Glacier / Moodymaze Marsh

  • Q: The terrifying bottle-dispensing Vendi... how many total tonics does she wield?
  • A: 16
  • Q: Glitterglaze Glacier's useless snowmen... how many are there?
  • A: 5
  • Q: That horribly designed character, Clara... what does she need you to save on Glitterglaze Glacier? 
  • A: Her pot. 
  • Q: The disturbing bubble move you use underwater... What is it called?
  • A: Bubble Buddy
  • Q: The Haunted Trollies in Moodymaze Marsh.... which one wore a stupid hat?
  • A: Wally
  • Q: How long has it taken you to get this far?
  • [Current play time]

Capital Cashino/ Galleon Galaxy / Capital B's Office

  • Q: How many wheels do I have?
  • A: 4
  • Q: How many Snowmen in GG?
  • A: 5
  • Q: Trowzer's Mushroom shelter, what color is it?
  • A: Yellow
  • Q: Those Bogus butterfly boosters, how many have you stolen so far?
  • A: [Number of butterfly boosters]
  • Q: The Tribalstack Temple... who lives inside?
  • A: The Duke
  • Q: The smelly tavern in Galleon Galaxy.... who was locked behind bars?
  • A: A Pagie
  • Q: The ridiculous Retro Sixtyfourus.... what colour were his shoes?
  • A: He doesn't wear shoes!
  • Q: Capital B's Office.... how many golden statues were in front??
  • A: 2

Picture Questions

  • A: Clara


  • A: Ollie


  • A: The Duke's Temple


  • A: Rextro's Arcade


  • A: Rampo's Temple


  • A: Under the palace


  • A: Tribal Village

There's no reason to miss a question! As Dr. Quack wisely says, "All these answers are on the internet, by the way."

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