ARK Fjordur: How to Get Cementing Paste

Build better structures and craft better items with the help of our guide on how to get cementing paste in ARK: Fjordur.

Cementing paste is not only one of the strongest building materials in ARK: Fjordur, but it is also used in many items as a crafting element. It's very hard to come by in the open world, but this guide will show you all the ways to get it.

There are several possible ways to get the crafting material. You can raid beaver dams, farm Beelzebufo Amphibians, or craft it from other materials. There is also an alternative paste that works, as well. We'll go over each method below. 

All Beaver Locations in ARK: Fjordur

The best and quickest way of getting lots of cementing paste is to raid beaver dams. There are only two beaver dams on the Fjordur map, and both can be found in the southeastern coast of the Vardiland island at coordinates:

  • 90.50 - 30.00
  • 94.20 - 31.10

Be careful here: beavers can get quite aggressive. Also, once you've collected all the cementing paste from the beaver dam, it will not be restored again. So you need to find other ways of getting cementing paste.

How to Farm Cementing Paste

Exploit Beelzebufo Amphibians

The only reliable way of farming Cementing Paste in ARK: Fjordur is to find Beelzebufos, giant frogs that inhabit the northeastern areas of the Vannaland continent. You can find Beelzebufos at the following coordinates:

  • 26.70 - 66.70
  • 10.60 - 87.70

Feed Beelzebufos insects like Meganeura and Titanomyrma for the frogs to produce the crafting item.

Use Achatina Paste Instead

An alternative to the Cementing Paste is Achatina Paste, which comes from the Achatina snails. These snails can be found on the swamps of the Bolbjord island and in the central mountains of the Vannaland continent at the following coordinates:

  • 45.80 - 10.50
  • 32.00 - 47.50

Achatina snails produce paste all the time and store it in their inventory. They produce one Achatina paste each minute of real-time. The maximum stack is 100, but as soon as you take it out of their inventory, they will produce more of it.

How to Craft Cementing Paste

Cementing Paste can also be crafted either with Mortar and Pestle or at the Chemistry Bench.

Cementing Paste crafting recipe for Mortar and Pestle

  • 4 Chitin / Keratin / Shell Fragment.
  • 8 Stone.

Cementing Paste crafting recipe for Chemistry Bench

  • 16 Chitin / Keratin / Shell Fragment.
  • 32 Stone.

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Published Jun. 30th 2022

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