Pokemon: Let's Go, Pikachu and Eevee TM Locations

Wondering where to find TMs in Pokemon Let's GO? Look no further than this handy TM location list!

TMs, short for Technical Machines, make a return in the Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu and Eevee games. They’re special items that teach your ‘mon new moves earlier than normal or moves they wouldn’t have learned otherwise, for example, teaching  Surf to Psyduck. Like in the past few generations, TMs are reusable, so you can teach Thunderbolt to all 100 of your Pikachu if you so desire.

Some TMs are easier to find than others, and many are presents from specific trainers, which is why we put together this handy guide to show and tell where they all are. Note that we’ll be updating the guide daily with new photos for those tricky to find TMs.

It’s also worth noting that TMs such as Surf and Fly don’t work like their HM counterparts of old. These are now just regular moves, with Secret Techniques like Sky Dash and Sea Skim replacing HMs.

Pokemon Let's GO Pikachu and Eevee TM List

TM 01: Headbutt—Brock gives this to you once you earn the Boulder Badge

TM 02: Taunt—Talk to the scientist in the middle of the Research Lab on Cinnabar Island

TM 03: Helping Hand—Speak with the clerk on the 3rd floor of the Celadon Department Store

TM 04: Teleport—Next to Channeler Jody on Pokemon Tower’s 4th floor

TM 05: Rest—Rocket Hideout, B2 in the middle of the tile puzzle

TM 06: Light Screen—Roof of Celadon Department Store, after giving the girl Fresh Water


TM 07: Protect--Roof of Celadon Department Store, after giving the girl Lemonade

TM 08: Substitute—Have a Clefairy with you, and talk to the Copycat girl in Saffron City (her house is pictured below).

TM 09: Reflect—Roof of Celadon Department Store, after giving the girl Soda Pop

TM 10: Dig—Given to you after beating the Team Rocket burglar outside the house he broke into.

TM 11: Will-O-Wisp—Viridian City, the man behind the Chop Down tree gives it to you

TM11 Will-O-Wisp

TM 12: Façade—Defeat Coach Trainer Alpesh on Route 7

TM 13: Brick Break—Defeat Coach Trainer Tasha on Route 10, just before Rock Tunnel

TM 14: Fly—Received from the girl north of the gate before Route 16, behind the Chop Down tree

TM 15: Seismic Toss—Defeat Coach Trainer Amala on Route 25

TM15 Seismic Toss

TM 16: Thunder Wave—Behind the Chop Down tree on Route 25 (approach the Camper from the south so he walks away from the hedge)

TM16 Thunder Wave

TM 17: Dragon Tail—Purchase at the Celadon City Department Store

TM 18: U-Turn—Purchase at the Celadon City Department Store

TM 19: Iron Tail—Purchase at the Celadon City Department Store

TM 20: Dark Pulse—Rocket Hideout, B3, south of the female grunt in the east/right part of the floor

TM 21: Foul Play—Pokemon Mansion, 3F, top right-most room

TM21 Foul Play

TM 22: Rock Slide—Pokemon Mansion, 2F, defeat Coach Trainer Rita

TM 23: Thunder Punch—Saffron City Dojo, defeat Coach Trainer Leona

TM 24: X-Scissor—Route 12, just south of the gate; requires Sea Skim

TM 25: Waterfall—Purchase at the Celadon City Department Store

TM 26: Poison Jab—South of Celadon Department Store, old man across the pond; requires Sea Skim

TM 27: Toxic—Received from Koga after earning the Soul Badge

TM 28: Tri Attack—Purchase at the Celadon City Department Store

TM 29: Scald—Received from Misty after earning the Cascade Badge

TM 30: Bulk-Up—Purchase at the Celadon City Department Store

TM 31: Fire Punch—Defeat Coach Trainer Midge on Route 15; needs Chop Down

TM 32: Dazzling Gleam—Gift from Mr Dazzling in the house just south of Snorlax on Route 12

TM 33: Calm Mind—Received from Sabrina after earning the Marsh Badge

TM 34: Dragon Pulse—Silph Co., 7F, under desk in room to the east/right, accessed by card key

TM 35: Ice Punch—Route 21, defeat Coach Trainer Pam

TM 36: Thunder Bolt—Received from Lt. Surge after earning the Thunder Badge

TM 37: Flamethrower—Silph Co., 10F, Southwest/bottom left room

TM 38: Thunder—Power Plant, near the sandbags and oil drums at the bottom/south end of the plant.

TM 39: Outrage—Victory Road, defeat Coach Trainer Ryan

TM 40: Psychic—Saffron City, gift from man in a house in the southeastern part of the city

TM 41: Earthquake—Received from Giovanni after earning the Earth Badge

TM 42: Self-Destruct—Silph Co., 2F, received from woman in the northwest/top left room.

TM 43: Shadow Ball—Purchase at the Celadon City Department Store

TM 44: Play Rough—Celadon City, rooftop office in building behind Pokemon Center

TM 45: Solar Beam—Victory Road, 2F, area beyond Black Belt Daisuke, up after a stone switch

TM 46: Fire Blast—Received from Blaine after earning the Volcano Badge

TM 47: Surf—Route 15, northwestern-most corner, requires Chop Down

TM 48: Hyper Beam—Purchase at the Celadon City Department Store

TM 49: Superpower—Victory Road, 2F, head southeast after beating Juggler Gregory

TM 50: Roost—Route 12, received from the girl on the second floor in the gatehouse.

TM 51: Blizzard—Victory Road, 3F, near Officer Jenny (northwest/top left)

TM 52: Sludge Bomb—Pokemon Mansion, B1F, middle-south room.

TM 53: Mega Drain—Received from Erika after earning the Rainbow Badge

TM 54: Flash Cannon—Silph Co., 5F, southwest/bottom left room

TM 55: Ice Beam—Seafoam Islands, B2F, south part of the room in a corner

TM 56: Stealth Rock—Victory Road, 1F, behind a Strong Push stone in the north/top of the floor

TM 57: Pay Day—Route 4, defeat Coach Trainer Oberon

TM57 Pay Day

TM 58:  Drill Run—Route 17, defeat Coach Trainer Grantley

TM 59: Dream Eater—Route 12, defeat Coach Trainer Priya

TM 60: Mega Horn—Cerulean City, defeat Coach Trainer Harjit


That's all you need to power up your Pokemon and ensure your success as a Pokemon Master! Be sure to check out out other Pokemon Let's GO guides for all your 'mon needs.


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Published Dec. 12th 2018

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