Valkyria Fly Again With Danmaku Unlimited 3 This March

Doragon Entertainment is set to release their newest shmup this March for bullet hell fans.

Recently, Doragon Entertainment released a new trailer for Danmaku Unlimited 3, which shares new details about the title's features and reveals that the release date is set for March 9.

Danmaku Unlimited 3 is a shmup designed with modern aesthetics inspired by bullet hell games. This is the third game in the series that features a lone pilot against a massive enemy force.

The game includes high definition sprite designs and 5 challenging stages. Each stage ends with boss battles that will have multiple phases. Players will be able to utilize 25 different weapon combos to see themselves through these engagements.

Danmaku Unlimited 3 also includes the spirit/graze system. This system is used for players to increase their score and special attack meter. A multitude of difficulty settings will allow players of various skillsets will be able to play. 

As with previous games, it will feature music from Japanese Indie band BLANKFIELD.

Fans of arcade shooters and bullet hell games can play Danmaku Unlimited 3 next month.


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Published Mar. 3rd 2017

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