Vampire Survivors: How to Farm Gold For Golden Eggs

Farming Golden Eggs in Vampire Survivors is easy once you know how to farm gold coins. Our guide shows you how.

Golden Eggs allow Vampire Survivors players to stack up a lot of stat bonuses. That's why learning how to get as many Golden Eggs as quickly as possible is such an important focus in the popular roguelike.

This guide will tell you how to farm Golden Eggs in Vampire Survivors, which basically means farming gold coins and purchasing Golden Eggs from the Merchant, though there is a bit more minutia to it than just that. 

Golden Egg Farm in Vampire Survivors

The easiest way to get Golden Eggs is to buy them from the Merchant. Though you can buy as many as you want, the problem is that one Golden Egg costs 10,000 gold coins. Once you figure how to quickly farm lots of gold, you will be able to purchase as many Golden Eggs as you want.

The key to farming gold in Vampire Survivors is hidden in the specific build of your character, which will allow you to make the maximum amount of gold in the shortest time.

Gold Farming in Vampire Survivors

Here's a good build type for farming gold, and ultimately Golden Eggs, in Vampire Survivors. If possible, play on The Bone Zone to receive a flat 50% increase in the gold you pick up. 

Best Character: Smith IV

The main reason you need this character is its access to cooldown reduction bonuses. Of course, you need to be able to buy all of their power-ups first.

Some players suggest Queen Sigma as the best gold-farming character, but if you want to farm Golden Eggs, she is ultimately unsuitable, since she is the only character in the game that can't pick up or even buy Golden Eggs.

Best Arcana: Silent Old Sanctuary (XX)

This arcana adds another 40% cooldown reduction bonus to Smith IV, for a total of 90% bonus once you reach Level 124.

Silent Old Sanctuary also increases your might, which is always a welcome addition to any farming build.

Later on, you can pick up Mad Groove (VIII) or Disco of Gold (XV), as your arcanas for even more farming potential.

Best Weapons

Choose Gatti Amari for your main weapon, which scales with all your stat bonuses. It can be obtained by surviving 15 minutes with Giovanna.

For your support weapon, pick Laurel when you can, which is available from the start and increases all your cooldown effects.

Best Passive Items

The most important passive item for this build is Empty Tome, which reduces the cooldown of all your weapons. It can be unlocked by holding six different weapons.

The next is Attractorb, which increases your Magnet stat, experience gain, and your range of pick ups. It is unlocked after finding a Vacuum item at Level 12.

You will also need Stone Mask, which increases your Greed stat by 10%. You can find it in the Inlaid Library during stage two.

With this build, you can easily make up to 300,000 gold coins in about half an hour in The Bone Zone or Moongolow, which equals 30 Golden Eggs.

That's all you need to know on how to farm Golden Eggs in Vampire Survivors, and stay tuned for more be sure to check out our Vampire Survivors tips and tricks articles. There, we have articles on how to get Golden Eggs, how to unlock all Arcana, how to unlock Holy Forbidden, and how to find the Stone Mask location

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Published Jan. 13th 2023

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