Vampire Survivors: How to Unlock the Bone Zone

Wondering how to unlock The Bone Zone challenge map in Vampire Survivors? Here are the steps.

The Bone Zone is the second challenge map to unlock in Vampire Survivors. In it, you will fight waves of enemies from all four directions on a floor of skulls, where enemy speed and health bonuses are increased by the minute.

This map will earn you loads of gold thanks to its 50% Gold bonus in Normal Mode, and 100% bonus on Hyper Mode. In this guide, we'll walk you through all the steps you need to take to unlock The Bone Zone.

How to Unlock The Bone Zone in Vampire Survivors

In order to unlock The Bone Zone in Vampire Survivors, you'll need to unlock Hyper Mode on three stages of your choosing. Now, there are only four stages in the game, so it's up to you which one you want to avoid out of Dairy Plant, Gallo Tower, Inlaid Library, and Mad Forest.

For each of these levels, unlocking Hyper Mode requires you to complete effectively the same task. You will need to defeat the bosses that appear at the 25-minute marks of the stages. The bosses for each of the four stages are:

  • Dairy Plant: Sword Guardian
  • Gallo Tower: Giant Enemy Crab
  • Inlaid Library: Nesuferit
  • Mad Forest: Giant Blue Venus

With the exception of the Giant Blue Venus, all of the bosses have resistances to instant kill items, such as Rosary, Gorgeous Moon, or the Pentagram. They are all equally resistant to Freeze and Knockback, and all but the Venus are resistant to debuffs. 

The max health of each of the four bosses is dependent on your player level.

  • The Giant Blue Venus has 150 times your level in health.
  • Nesuferit and the Sword Guardian each have 250 times your level in health.
  • Giant Enemy Crab leads the pack with 500 times your level in health.

They have equal base damages of 30, but varying movement speeds. The Venus is the slowest, with a speed of 160, followed by the Crab at 200. Both Nesuferit and the Sword Guardian are slightly faster than the Crab at 210. 

Now it is totally up to you which three bosses you choose to defeat to unlock their respective Hyper Modes, but if we had to make a suggestion, the Giant Enemy Crab is certainly the one to avoid. You can always come back for him later when you're more leveled up.

Traits of The Bone Zone

In The Bone Zone, light sources will spawn twice as frequently as they normally do in Vampire Survivors, however they will strictly drop Gold Coins and Coin Bags. Similarly, the Gold Bonus for this challenge stage is 50% when playing in Normal Mode, and a whopping 100% when playing in Hyper Mode. Hyper Mode for The Bone Zone is unlocked by default.

There are countless unique enemy types that you will face in The Bone Zone, that will swarm in from all directions. These enemy types include both the Drowner and the Stalker, making this the optimal stage for trying to unlock the secret character, Toastie. 

On a minute-by-minute basis, both enemy movement speed and maximum health will increase in The Bone Zone. The speed multiplier will jump by 0.05 every minute, while the health will jump by 0.03 every minute. This may not sound like a lot, but the exponential growth will really begin to add up as you get further and further into your run. 

After 30 minutes, like other stages, Death will appear in The Bone Zone. His health is 655,350 times your player level, his base damage is 65,535, and his movement speed is 1200. For all intents and purposes, he is impossible to kill, but that certainly doesn't mean you can't try!

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Published May. 10th 2022

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