Vampire Survivors Stone Mask Location Guide

The Stone Mask is a passive item in Vampire Survivors that provides a gold bonus. Here's where to find it.

The Stone Mask is one of many passive items in Vampire Survivors for you to unlock. Passive items are items that grant your character stat bonuses, and after being collected for the first time, will be added to the randomized loot pool for all future runs.

The Stone Mask in particular gives a 10% Greed bonus per level, increasing the amount of gold you receive from pickups and chests. In this guide, we'll tell you where to find it.

How to Unlock the Stone Mask in Vampire Survivors

The Stone Mask can be found in the second stage of Vampire Survivors, the Inlaid Library. This stage is not unlocked by default, and to do so, you must reach the 20th level of the game's first stage, Mad Forest. Reaching Level 20 is something that will come with learning the game and leveling your character, and there isn't one particular method to doing it. Pick a character who matches your preferred playstyle and get grinding.

Once you reach Level 20, Inlaid Library will be unlocked, and now you can go and obtain the Stone Mask. Boot up the level and you're going to need to head pretty far to the right. If you have the Garlic unlocked, this would be a very good time to equip it, as you are going to be running past loads of enemies on your way.

You're going to want to keep a close eye on the upper area of the screen. In particular, keep an eye out for small alcoves in the bookshelves, like the one in the image below. You'll need to run past a few of these alcoves before you find the one with the Stone Mask in it. It will be floating in the center of it and has a slight glow to it, so it's hard to miss.

To collect it, simply run up into it and press "Get" on the window that pops up. The Stone Mask will now be a part of your loot pool going forward. It can be leveled up to a maximum level of 5, after which it will give a 50% gold bonus. In addition to providing increased gold input, it can also be used to evolve one of the weapons, the Gatti Amari, into the Vicious Hunger.

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Published May. 17th 2022

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