Injustice at EVO!

Injustice is coming to EVO 2013! Ninth game for EVO.

The Evolution Championship Series is a big deal.  Among fighting game fans, it is the premiere tournament event of the year, with the best players in the world competing in various games.  Earlier this year it was announced there would be seven games, with an eighth decided by a charity donation contest.  The runner-up in that contest, Skullgirls, was then, in recognition and appreciation of thousands in charity donations, told they would have an unofficial tournament at EVO as well.  Then Injustice: Gods Among Us was released.

And the crowd goes wild!

The response from the fighting game community to Injustice has been phenomenal.  The day after the game's release, Wednesday Night Fights had a 92-person tournament.  Two more tournaments with over 90 players took place within a week.  The game is hot, and everyone's enjoying getting close to the fire.

Now, with their final lineup already established, EVO has announced they will be including Injustice: Gods Among Us as a ninth game in EVO 2013.  The games for EVO this year are going to be incredible, and as new as Injustice is, there is not yet a set hierarchy of skill. Any of two dozen people could walk home as EVO champion for the DC fighter.

In summary: Get Hype!

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Published May. 8th 2013
  • McLain Anderson
    This is great news! I've been glued to Injustice ever since it came out and it sure does deserve all the attention its been getting. Great post Wokendreamer!
  • Wokendreamer
    Featured Columnist
    For all that I enjoyed MK9, it did definitely have a few problems speaking competitively. Injustice looks to have corrected those problems with a vengeance. I'm looking forward to seeing how far it can go.

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