Best Far Cry 5 Funny Moments from YouTube & Twitch

Flight School Flops

Did you know flying is hard and requires actual knowledge and training? Yeah, nobody realized that before now.

Trying to land a single-engine bomber in the wilderness leads to all sorts of hilarious mishaps and funny Far Cry 5 gameplay, but even just lining up on your target for a bombing run can be a challenge.

In what was probably my own personal most hilarious moment, I decided to try taking out a convoy of heavily armed trucks in John's region with a bombing run instead of going at them with small arms fire. I managed to entirely miss every single truck ... instead lighting the entire forest on fire and destroying every vehicle around them.

As I was turning around for a second run, I ran straight into a particularly tall tree and got ejected to my death. No worries, I'm thinking, my companions will revive me! Except that forest fire I'd started was still going, so they both ran directly into flaming death, ending the quest early. Lesson learned, I guess.

Image courtesy of LaMey

Published Apr. 5th 2018

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