Best Far Cry 5 Funny Moments from YouTube & Twitch

Dancing Peaches

Hunting down the graphical glitches in open-world titles is basically its own mini-game at this point (remember how hilariously Dog Meat behaved when Fallout 4 first launched?), and Far Cry 5 suffers from a fair share of them.

Just having Peaches and Cheeseburger as your fangs for hire and going for a swim is pretty silly on its own, but if you lure Peaches into a river and then pull out your fishing pole, things get really bizarre.

Try hooking Peaches with the line, and a glitch will occur where she pops up on her hind legs and starts dancing wildly! I mean, I know most cats don't like being in water, but this is a bit silly....

Image courtesy of Gamesprout

Published Apr. 5th 2018

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