Best Far Cry 5 Funny Moments from YouTube & Twitch

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Unexpected Animal Attacks

The sudden bear attack may have gotten all the press in the teaser trailers (and those can be hilarious when you are fishing or just got done taking out a bunch of cultists), but nearly every animal in this game has gone homicidal and has a taste for human flesh ... even the turkeys.

Seriously, go try hunting a turkey with a bow and arrow, and maybe just go ahead and miss one. They will go all aggro and can actually take you out if your health is low! I'm imagining the deputy then getting filled with stuffing and baked at a nice even 350 before being served.

Always be on the lookout for those randy bulls as well! They have a tendency to come out of nowhere and knock whomever is currently talking to you way across the screen.

Image courtesy of PretsOnline

Published Apr. 5th 2018

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