Lies of P: How to Dodge 

Having trouble dodging attacks in Lies of P? Don't worry. In the guide, we'll go over all the tips and tricks on how to dodge.

When the Lies of P demo came out in June, we found the dodge mechanic difficult to use. It felt sluggish and never worked that well. However, these issues have been fixed for the launch of the game, and I can safely say it’s an improvement. With that being said, the dodging can still be tricky and difficult to master. If you’re finding yourself still getting hit even when you evade, this guide will teach you how to dodge in Lies of P

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How to Dodge in Lies of P

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To dodge, all you have to do is press the “O” on Playstation and “B” on Xbox. You can also use the left analog stick to choose the direction you want to dodge.

Dodge Timing is Important

Not evading properly will punish you harshly. The hardest part about dodging in Lies of P is nailing the timing. If you duck or sidestep too late, you’ll get hit. If you do so too early, you’ll get hit.

  • The key principle in knowing how to dodge in Lies of P is this: evade the moment right before the enemy’s attack lands.

This can be difficult since every enemy has different attack speeds and patterns. You may have to die a few times to nail the timing of their attacks. But once you understand the speed of each enemy’s attack, you’ll be dodging with ease. 

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Evade Direction is Equally Important

The second most important part about side-stepping enemy attacks is the direction that you dodge. Even if you perform the move at the right time, you’ll still get hit if it’s not in the right direction. Although you might think that dodging backward would be the best way to avoid attacks — I did — it only works sometimes.

It all depends on the direction of the attack. If it’s a downward slash, dash, or stabbing attack, you should dodge to the side. Horizontal slashing attacks are where it can be difficult. You can get away with a backward dash sometimes, depending on the range of the slash.

However, what’s more effective is dodging into the attack. Not only will this allow you to get around the attack completely, but you can immediately attack the enemy afterward. Something you can’t do when moving backward. 

Dodging Fury Attacks 

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When an enemy glows red, it indicates a Fury Attack. These attacks deal massive damage if they connect. Fury Attacks can’t be dodged or guarded for less damage. The only way to deal with a Furry Attack is with a Perfect Guard, which means blocking right before the attack lands.

However, I’ve found a slight technicality to this. Oftentimes, when an enemy starts a Fury Attack, they will have a small charge-up window. During this window, you can move away to create distance, which sometimes lets you dodge the Fury Attack. While I wouldn’t always recommend this, it’s useful when trying to recover health or stamina. 

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Eluding Attacks During Boss Fights 

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Boss fights are the most frustrating part of Lies of P, but that’s what you sign up for when playing a Souls-like game. Here, the game doesn’t really want you to dodge

However, figuring out boss patterns and how each attack works will let you know when you can dodge. Just keep in mind the timing and direction that I mentioned before. Dodging backward almost never works. Instead, always go off to the side or into the attack. When a boss does their Fury Attack, don’t dodge the attack. You have to either be out of range or use a Perfect Guard. 

That’s how to dodge in Lies of P. Make sure you watch your stamina and don’t perform the move too many times right in a row, as it wastes your stamina. One final tip is to watch the weight of your equipment. The heavier it is, the slower your dodges will be, leaving you open to attacks. As long as you practice these techniques and learn the patterns of every enemy, dodging will be much easier. For more tips and tricks, check out our guides hub for the game.

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