Lies of P: How to Block and Guard

Having trouble blocking and guarding in Lies of P? We'll go over all the tips and tricks on how to do so in this guide.

Blocking and Guarding are integral parts of the Lies of P combat system. However, it’s filled with many nuances, and if not done correctly, you’ll be punished. It can be hard to understand how the system works, especially if you’ve played other Souls-likes. In this guide, we’ll go over tips and tricks on how to block and guard in Lies of P, as well as ways to improve to become a master of each. 

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Lies of P: How to Block and Guard

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Before we go over the right way and when to block and guard in Lies of P, let’s go over the basic mechanics.

  • Holding down the guard button when an enemy attacks will not negate any damage. Press L1 Playstation and LB on Xbox.
  • Instead, it reduces the damage taken.

On top of that, guarding will also consume your precious stamina. So just holding the button while enemies attack won’t save you from taking damage. It should be noted that you can still move around while you are in the guard position. 

Lies of P Perfect Guard Explained

A perfect Guard in Lies of P is performed when pressing the guard button at the exact moment an enemy attack would hit you.

  • Unlike a normal block, a Perfect Guard will negate any damage from the attack.
  • This will also not use any of your stamina and leave the enemy staggered for a short amount of time.

Doing a Perfect Guard and attacking during this staggered phase is known as a Parry Attack. Being able to pull off a Perfect Guard and a parry is crucial, especially when facing off against stronger enemies. 

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Furry Attacks Explained

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When an enemy glows red, it indicates a Fury Attack. These attacks deal massive damage if they connect. Fury Attacks can’t be dodged or guarded for less damage.

  • The only way to deal with a Furry Attack is with a Perfect Guard, guarding at the moment right before the attack lands.
  • Even performing Perfect Guard on a Furry Attack will allow you to Parry Attack the enemy.

In our How to Dodge guide, we explain that you can technically dodge a Furry Attack if you have the right amount of distance between yourself and the attack. However, your best bet is to perform a Perfect Guard, even though it can be tricky. 

How to Practice Perfect Guard

Figuring out the timing to perform a Perfect Guard can be difficult and will take time and practice. Thankfully, there are some easy ways to practice. The first way to do so is in the first area, where you will run into a larger puppet and begin a tutorial on Furry attacks and how to Perfect Guard. However, this can be difficult, and it took me a while to get a hang of it. 

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However, there will be a safe place by the merchant and puppet to practice guarding by the Stargazer right before the first boss. The Puppet will do a few normal attacks and then follow up with a Furry Attack. The good thing about rehearsing on this puppet is that it doesn’t inflict any damage — so you do not have to worry about dying. I spent a lot of time practicing my guarding there so I could perfect it right before the first boss. 

Blocking and Guarding During Boss Fights

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Guarding in boss fights is simple to understand but hard to master. It uses the same principles as everything else, just on a larger scale. You have to study boss attack patterns and learn when the best time to guard is. All bosses will have some Furry Attacks, so make sure you perform a Perfect Guard — or else they will deal massive amounts of damage. It will take a few tries, but once you get the timing of their attacks down, you’ll get the hang of guarding their attacks. 

That’s how to block and guard in Lies of P. It’s slightly different than in other Souls-likes, and the game really wants you to use them since dodging can leave you wide open to damage and be even harder to master. For more tips and tricks such as how to get more Gold Coin Fruit, check out our guides hub for the game.

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