Lies of P: How to Repair Weapon Durability

Keep your weapons in tip-top condition in Lies of P by understanding how to repair weapon durability.

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You’ll find a lot of weapons in Lies of P. However, these armaments can also degrade over time, especially when you keep using them for both offense and defense. There’s even a nasty debuff that can adversely affect your items. Here’s how to repair weapon durability in Lies of P.

How to Repair Weapon Durability in Lies of P

You can repair weapon durability in Lies of P by using your Grindstone, a Venigni Urgent Repair Tool, or a Stargazer. You’ll see your weapon’s condition represented by a bar in the lower-right portion of your screen. Here’s a quick summary:

  • Grindstone – The button to activate the Grindstone must be held down to complete the repairs. I discuss more about the Grindstone in the next section of our guide.
  • Venigni Urgent Repair Tool – When used, the Venigni Urgent Repair Tool restores your weapon’s durability. Since this effect is almost instant, I find that it’s quite viable during hectic battles.
  • Stargazer – These are akin to bonfires in Dark Souls or fast travel points. Weapon durability is fully restored, along with your HP, Legion mana, and Pulse Cell charges. However, enemies will also respawn.
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How to Use the Grindstone

The most reliable Lies of P weapon durability repair method is the Grindstone. By default, this appears in the lower-left corner of your screen. You can switch to it by pressing “G” on your keyboard or down on your D-pad. You’ll then need to press and hold “R” (keyboard), “X” (Xbox gamepad), or Square (PS5 gamepad) to begin the repair action.

While this can be done at any time, even in the middle of combat, I suggest doing this only when the coast is clear, or canceling the action if you think it’s too risky. Moreover, you can equip Special Grindstones that provide nifty effects, such as elemental damage and or guard boosts.

Lastly, if a weapon is completely broken (i.e. red status bar or the blade has been destroyed), a Grindstone won’t work at all. You’ll have no choice but to interact with a Stargazer to restore it completely.

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Factors That Affect Weapon Durability

I’ve listed down several factors that affect weapon durability in Lies of P:

  • Attacking with your weapon (normal and charged attacks).
  • Blocking enemy hits with your weapon.
  • The Decay status effect depletes both your HP and weapon durability. It’s imperative that you cure it, or you might find yourself having to repair with a Grindstone in the heat of battle.
  • There are certain P-Organ upgrades that affect weapon durability. Examples include lower durability loss from attacks, faster recovery speed, or passive repair if an equipped weapon is swapped out. However, I don’t recommend getting any of these, as there are better perks out there.
  • There’s also the Durability Grindstone, which temporarily stops weapon degradation. Unfortunately, similar to P-Organ upgrades, there are better options that you’re more likely to use.

That’s everything you need to know about how to repair weapon durability in Lies of P. You can also learn about how to upgrade weapons and how to alter weapon handles. For more tips and strategies, you can visit our LoP guides hub for help with how to alter weapon handles or how to increase Pulse Cells.

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