Final Fantasy XIV Finally Subscribing to the Xbox One

FFXIV will finally make its way to the Xbox One after years on PC and PlayStation systems.

Final Fantasy XIV has been a PlayStation and PC-exclusive since the launch of A Realm Reborn in 2013, but that era is coming to an end.

Among all of the on-stage announcements at XO2019, Microsoft's Phil Spencer confirmed that FFXIV will be making its way to Xbox One while speaking to the press during the event. Specifically, he stated:

I wanted you to know, rest assured that we will be bringing that game to Xbox. We have a great relationship with Yoshida-san and we’re working through what it means to bring a cross-platform MMO that they’ve run for years.

The game's director, Naoki Yoshida, has stated before that he was eager to bring the game to more platforms. However, this is the first instance of it happening aside from the generational upgrade from PlayStation 3 to PlayStation 4.

Those who play Final Fantasy XIV on PlayStation 4 do not have to have PlayStation Plus to access the game on top of its subscription, whether that trend will continue on Xbox One with Xbox Live has yet to be seen.

This was only one of many Square Enix games confirmed for the Xbox One in 2020 either via Game Pass or otherwise. Final Fantasy entries VII through X-2, XII, the XIII trilogy, and XV were also confirmed for Game Pass during the event.

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Published Nov. 15th 2019

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