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The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters

You wouldn't think a film about people playing Donkey Kong would be all that entertaining, but The King of Kong is the sort of flick you just can't take your eyes off of for even a second. 

The characters and story line feel like they were made for a summer blockbuster dramedy and couldn't possibly be real, as rivalry unfolds on an unbelievable level for nerds playing retro arcade games.

Billy Mitchell is the ultimate oddball documentary character who just attracts news stories, from his hot sauce empire to standoffish interviews in recent years where he insists he hasn't seen the film ... but can quote things that were said in it.

The King of Kong is in desperate need of a sequel due to developments since its release. Twin Galaxies, the arcade that plays such a prominent role in the film, originally released a statement condemning some of how Billy Mitchell was portrayed, citing selective editing and a bias towards the underdog for the sake of movie drama.

Recently, however, Twin Galaxies actually stripped Mitchell of his title and banned him from competition after an investigation revealed he hadn't played an original arcade cabinet but allegedly used emulation software, issuing this statement:

"With this ruling, Twin Galaxies can no longer recognize Billy Mitchell as the first million point ‘Donkey Kong’ record holder. According to our findings, Steve Wiebe would be the official 1st million point record holder.”

Published Apr. 30th 2018

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