9 Essential Video Game Documentaries You Can Watch Right Now


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While this isn't always true, and there is definite overlap, in the overall hierarchy of the gaming community, the console and PC crowd tend to think of the tabletop gamers as nerds, while the tabletop gamers respond with, "Well, at least we aren't LARPers!"

Live-action roleplaying takes the D&D concept to an entirely different place as players literally take on the role of their characters, stitching together outfits, crafting weapons, and coming up with intricate rules for adventuring out in the woods.

Darkon takes a close look at the groups who take part in LARPing, and specifically at the relationships and social statuses that develop in an insular community that banded together because they don't tend to fit in elsewhere.

As with any group, though, factions break out, leaders rise, and schisms occur. Darkon bizarrely becomes a study in national politics on a micro scale with a bunch of fantasy gamers.

Published Apr. 30th 2018

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