9 Essential Video Game Documentaries You Can Watch Right Now

Indie Game: The Movie 

  • Rent it at: Amazon (free to watch with Prime, and sometimes found on Netflix as well)

A surprise hit at Sundance, this look at indie game developers focuses on the lives and development processes of people involved in games like Super Meat Boy, Fez, and Braid.

The film is endlessly entertaining both for gamers and non-gamers alike, showcasing the level of work and dedication required to get a game to launch.

Indie Game: The Movie also accidentally showcases the mentality of many gamers and programmers, holding a mirror up to the community with telling lines like:

"I desperately want to communicate with people, but I don't want the messy interaction of making friends and talking to people, because I probably won't like them."

Word bro, I know exactly what you mean!

Published Apr. 30th 2018

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