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Rich Vreeland

Fez could have very easily featured an upbeat, poppy chiptune soundtrack akin to something out of an eight-bit Mario game, but it instead goes down a different path--one that I believe arrives at a better conclusion. The music in Fez is crisp and grainy to complement the game's visual style, but bears more resemblance to the eerie tunes of Shadow of The Colossus than it does to its platforming counterparts.

What I mean to say is that Fez does what it can to make you feel alone in a mysterious world, which to me seems appropriate. Given the power to explore the hidden dimensions of a flat existence, you're essentially exploring the untouched corners of a world hiding right in front of you. Every sophisticated, complex, yet un-peopled structure is indicative of some long lost civilization, and whatever calamity took them. This is not a story that is explicitly told to you, but one that the game's atmosphere creates in the silence of your mind.

Published Jun. 13th 2015

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