Balrog is Joining the Street Fighter V Roster Ahead of Schedule in Next Update

Capcom surprised fans at the CEO 2016 tournament with Balrog's release trailer, official date for the story mode update, and brief footage of Juri and Urien gameplay.

After Capcom Pro Tour's CEO 2016 tournament, Street Fighter V fans were treated to a surprise reveal trailer of Balrog and his much-sooner-than-expected release date.

Capcom announced that Balrog is joining SFV's cast of World Warriors alongside Ibuki and the much-anticipated story mode update, now officially dropping July 1.

The heavy handed boxer will be making his return with an in-your-face move set filled with dash uppers and low straits that fans will recognize immediately -- but with a few other tricks up his sleeve. Well, metaphorical sleeve that is. Balrog seems like he has some new juggle-friendly techniques to play around with, as well as a snazzy new hoodie.

But it seems as though Capcom wasn't satisfied with just revealing Balrog. Street Fighter's resident Mike Tyson impersonator had to briefly share the limelight with upcoming DLC characters Juri and Urien.

Never-before-seen gameplay of Juri and Urien appears at the tail-end of the trailer, showing off a brief segment of their move sets and cosmetic appearances. South Korea's Juri retains her kick-friendly Taekwondo style, while donning an eye patch that is absent from her Street Fighter IV model. It will be interesting to see how her move set changes, since in SFV she isn't quite the bloodthirsty Feng Shui Engine-powered demon she was in Street Fighter IV.

Urien is making his first return to the Street Fighter series since Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike, and it looks like he's bringing his Metallic Sphere and Aegis Reflector attacks with him. He is looking like more of a trap character this time around, where players can set juggles using his projectile options.

While I'm very excited to see the return of Urien, the staggering amount of clothing he is wearing in the trailer is cause for concern. The appearance of his jockstrap may be a bit unsettling to some, but Urien missing his bizarre man-thong is like Zangief without chest hair. I feel I speak for many Street Fighter fans when I say, if there is no loincloth in the picture, we riot.

In case you missed it, make sure to check out the recently revealed line of new costumes and stages being rolled out in July 1's update.

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Published Jun. 27th 2016

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