You Can Recruit Dogs in Ghost of Tsushima Legends New Game+

Thank goodness we don't have to fight any more of these adorable puppers when Ghost of Tsushima Legends releases October 16.

Ghost of Tsushima will let you recruit dogs as your allies when the 1.1 Legends update launches on October 16. The Charm of Canine Recruitment will be available to players in New Game+, though it's not exactly clear how players will acquire it or how recruitment works. It is, though, different than summoning spirit dogs. 

A recent tweet from the official Sucker Punch twitter unveiled the new Ghost of Tsushima charm, alongside a short GIF of it in action. 

We already knew that we'd be able to summon (and pet) spirit dogs if playing as the Ronin class, but being able to recruit and pet Ghost of Tsushima's guard dogs is a complete game-changer. 

I'm finally playing the "amazing open-world experience," and can't help but find myself (really) averse to killing the Mongols' puffy (and adorable) pooches, even if leaving them alive makes fights much more complicated than they have to be.

With Update 1.1. giving players more humane options, playing the game will be that much more enjoyable, even if it's only available in New Game+. 

The free Legends update brings a lot more to Ghost of Tsushima than just recruitable dogs, though. Multiplayer co-op missions and new classes are making their way to the epic, as well as a raid, survival missions, new cosmetics, the ghost flower merchant, and much more. 

Stay tuned for our coverage on the Legends update, including a number of guides going over the additions. I can't wait to pet these beautiful, damnable dogs and see how recruiting them changes the overall Ghost of Tsushima experience. 

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Published Oct. 13th 2020

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