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Dragon Age: The Veilguard’s Romance System Takes a Page From BG3

BG3 might be influencing the romance system for Dragon Age: The Veilguard.

Given the success of Baldur’s Gate 3, it wouldn’t be surprising to see aspects of it influence future games. And it looks like that might be the case with BioWare’s latest Dragon Age update. While Dragon Age: The Veilguard‘s romance announcement feels reminiscent of Dragon Age: Inquisition, BG3‘s romance system might be the bigger inspiration.

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The Veilguard May Improve DA: Inquisition’s Romance System With BG3 Inspiration

BioWare released an update about DA: The Veilguard. Aside from changing its title from Dreadwolf, the team stated that players will be able to romance any of their companions. This is precisely how BG3 approached romance, allowing players to romance any companion — regardless of gender or race — as long as that character had a high enough level of approval for the player. It’s also a better approach than you see in Mass Effect, another BioWare game, where female Shepard has Liara as the only same-sex option until ME3. And male Shepard doesn’t have a same-sex option at all until ME3 — and that’s only if you save Kaidan in ME1.

Dragon Age: Inquisition took a similarly inclusive approach to romances. Each Inquisitor combination had multiple options for romantic interests, which included different races and genders. You also weren’t limited to only companions for romances, although most non-companion romance options were advisors. However, The Veilguard is taking this system a step further by making all options available to you, no matter which gender and race combination you pick. This is different from the Inquisition, where there were still a few romances not available depending on your Inquisitor. As an example, a female elven character had six romance options, a female human had five, and every other combination had four.

This approach for The Veilguard is not only more inclusive, but it makes sense in the fantasy universe, giving it more depth by letting you form a deeper relationship with the companion of your choice. The key for The Veilguard will be to follow in BG3’s footsteps with one specific element in romances: not making one companion feel like the intended option compared to others.

The Key Elements to Take From BG3’s Romance

No matter who you choose to romance in BG3, each option feels as in-depth as the others. Plus, each companion’s romance reflects their personality and background. That way, you don’t feel like you’re missing out on content simply because you wanted to romance a specific character. This tends to be the case in Mass Effect, where it feels like the games want you to romance Liara.

On the other hand, the romance system for BG3 can make players feel like every choice is related to sleeping with or dating a companion. Because of that, it would be best for The Veilguard to find a place in the middle where every companion is as well-rounded as the others with their romance arc, but you don’t feel that it’s present to the point it becomes overwhelming.

Is BG3’s romance system the inspiration behind Dragon Age: The Veilguard? Possibly. However, that also means that The Veilguard has the chance to improve on that system and make it better by focusing on the features that worked, and adjusting those that need it. But for now, check out our BG3 guide hub while you wait for more news and the eventual release of Dragon Age: The Veilguard.

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