Sims 4 modder creates sims for JJK's Gojo and Geto to give them a happy ending
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This Sims 4 Modder Gave Satosugu the Happy Ending They Deserved

Where would Gojo and Geto be if they hadn't parted ways? Lounging by the pool with 2.5 kids, it seems.

Jujutsu Kaisen has skyrocketed in popularity as Gojo’s character arc was centralized in both the anime and manga series over the course of the last year, highlighting the fan-favorite character’s backstory and the significance of his relationship with sorcerer-turned-curse-user Suguru Geto. As the tragedy of their parallel stories grows even deeper with weekly manga leaks, the special-grade duo, lovingly dubbed Satosugu by JJK fans, has been given a much happier ending by one Sims 4 modder who’s created a TikTok series following their sims.

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TikTok user averagerpgsimp is giving shippers the (mostly) wholesome AU they need in the wake of the manga’s Chapter 261 leaks last week. With the help of a few incredible character design mods, they’ve created bang-on sims for Gojo, Geto, and other familiar faces from the JJK cast, showcasing what life could have been had the infamous KFC breakup scene not taken place.

Proud parents of two children with a third on the way, Satosugu have hung up their uniforms in favor of tummy time, bedtime stories, cross stitching (no pun intended), and summers by the pool. Although the TikToker’s Gojo sim continues to battle some vices of his own, I’ll admit the fan-made happy ending set to “More Than Words” from the anime’s second season left me a little teary-eyed. And judging by the comments, it’s safe to say I’m not alone.

How to Make Your Own Gojo and Geto Sims

Sims 4 Gojo cc mod by Simomo
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While averagerpgsimp has shared all the details about which mods were used to create their Gojo and Geto sims, among others, they noted that the original custom content creator had deactivated prior to the TikToker’s Satosugu series. Luckily, Sims 4 players have compiled the complete set of mods on Reddit with credit to modder Simomo.

In light of the heartbreaking direction the animanga has taken, there’s been no shortage of custom content bringing Jujutsu Kaisen‘s most beloved characters to our favorite games. Call it coping, but it’s certainly given fans a well-deserved break from all the action — and the tragedy. For more on the series’ sorcerers, check out this romance mod that brings Gojo to Stardew Valley.

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