#10YearsOfWoW (didn’t know it was going to lead to permanent happiness)

While running from a t-rex i had to tell someone about the most amazing thing that happened to me in wow and even thought running from a t-rex is scary I was happy because its the nest story of my life.
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So a few months ago I came back to wow after many months of not being able to play and wanting to. I had to go to Isle of Thunder to do some dailies and hopefully get better gear. Well when I (Cuddlywolf) got there I was getting trampled by the giant t-rex thats walks the path and I had to beat it to get the quest finished. So then i decide i needed some help and I was getting no response from anyone on Thunder Isle so I decided to ask in my guild and what happened next was more unexpected then anything I could have ever imagined, Well I got a response from a character named Sylara but this toon was a girl that I could tell so as far as I knew she came to help me and we beat the t-rex and i got my quest and this character crontinuted to help me. So the next day I got on and thier she was again and since I loved vent so much I begged until this person came in vent finding out it was not a female, he was a male. Well as time went on we talked more and more each day. Our conversations getting longer and longer every time we talked. We got so close that I actually bought him a plane ticket to come see me he was living in North Carolina and I was living in Florida. So he flew down not even a month after we had been together. My love for him was so great by this point thier was nothing I could have imagined more then to love him more when i got to see him for the first time. Wow brought us together and we have now been together ever since. I am still in awe of how this happened but had it not been for wow we might have never met and I would not be as happy as I am today. 

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