#10YearsOfWoW Year of the Blizzcon

Jordan at Blizzcon on his ice throne

 We are all sitting around a table at Taco Bell eating our deal #2’s as we do every Tuesday; Talking about raiding and our new strategies for downing the next boss. What makes this day special is that Ern has the idea to go to blizzcon this year. Matt was on board with this thought process. For me this was awesome and bad at the same time. I truly did want to head to blizzcon with my raiding buddies; however I wasn’t sure I could afford the tickets for the event, plane and motel. So I discussed this with the guys.

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The following Tuesday we got our usual food, but something strange must have been in the air; because the manager of the store, who knew us by this point, rang up our meals free of charge. We sat the table in the back of the TB, as we called it. Then the boys told me of our master plan to get me on the trip. They would purchase 3 extra tickets for blizzcon and sell them for a slight profit to cover the cost of my ticket. I thought that seemed like a great idea, alas what seems and what is, isn’t always the same thing.

We all connected to mumble the day of tickets going on sale for blizzcon, refreshing browsers by the millisecond. Finally the time was now; we all refreshed out pages and clicked buy tickets within milliseconds of each other. And Ern was around 600 in queue, Matt was 1500, and I was around 3000. needless to say Ern and Matt were each able to purchase additional tickets, so now we just needed to hop on Ebay and get these things sold for a bit of profit. We had our tickets and things were going well.

Well selling tickets to blizzcon on eBay seems like it would be an easy thing to do, throw in some crazy Russian buyers and things get a little weird. I don’t want to get into all the drama from eBay, but needless to say we sold a couple of the tickets for face value in that first couple of days. Now we still had a couple left, so Ern got a couple of his buddies to purchase them and we just needed to sell one more, but to who? The deadline for changing the name on the ticket was over and we already sold tickets to all our friends…what to do?

This is when the magic happens; I was working on fixing some computer issues at a large hospital. One that day was in the physical therapy area, where I came across a guy that looked like a modern day Arthas. Long blonde hair and imposing figure, he was working the front desk in-between seeing people for PT. I started fixing the computer and I’m not sure who said something first, but we started talking about computer games. 

I’m not sure about you, but I know it’s not often that you randomly meet some other guy and then end the conversation saying as you are about ready to leave ‘by the way if you would be interested in going to blizzcon I have an extra ticket, here’s my number’. Well desperate times call for desperate measures and that is what I had to do….I needed to get that last ticket sold, so my friends weren’t out money trying to help me.

Low and behold Jordan called me and after inviting him to B-Dubs for wings and to meet the other guys in the rather larger group he decided to buy the ticket and travel with us to blizzcon. I of course I was chosen to share a bed with the large lich king guy, since I invited him. I was a bit nervous when he took off his shirt and started combing his hair before getting into bed. Alas all worked out awesome and he was the life of the party.

World of Warcraft helped build a lot of friendships, The guy I met and went to blizzcon with, Jordan…I ended up becoming friends with him, and even going to his wedding the following year; where I danced with his wife and whispered in her ear “there’s something you should know, I slept with your husband last year” 


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