Apparently, the Higher Level You Are… The Less You Need to Wear!

Yep, bra and panties... I'M ALL SET FOR BATTLE!

Yep, bra and panties... I'M ALL SET FOR BATTLE!

So apparently my level 47 pugilst in FFXIV requires nothing more than a metal bra and some leather panties to hop into battle. Keep in mind this is “Green” gear, thus its better than the standard gear and is only obtainable via doing specific dungeons.. even at level 49, a few levels higher the gear I can purchase from the Market boards falls short of defensive stats than this set of gear. 

My Job requires me to be in the monsters face bashing it with my fists. Apparently showing more skin than a supermodel seems to be a good idea!

Lets look at the weather and other such environmental hazards!

Its a blizzard! … but hey you know, thats ok.  I’m standing on a rock at the edge of a river. I don’t know about you, but that water doesn’t exactly say “Come swim in me” it says “Stay out or I’ll turn you into a block of ice.” Now the monsters in the area are well equipped, snow wolves have plenty of white fur, the gobbues have a frost moss growing on them to shield them from the cold. But hey apparently my MiQuote isn’t cold at all. 

Side by side… my combat gear doesn’t offer that much more protection than my swimwear…

I think my hairstlye is giving me more protection than my gear, least I be mistaken for Lightning.

However its stats are just so much higher. I think my hair is giving me more protection than my actual gear at this point, at least smart monsters might mistake me for Lightning and run away in fear!. That or you know I’m all set against perverted old men that develop nosebleeds when they see this much skin.

Now lets move onto what I wore when I was level 16-20: 

It’s a combat skirt!

This gear still shows some legs.. but as Weiss from RWBY puts it “It’s a Combat Skirt!” and there’s plenty of overhang from the chainmail infused leather coat to shield me from the elements, nice sized boots for kicking monsters heads in with… and look full length leather arms with full gloves! REAL GEAR!

So apparently at level 16 you need to cover up and be ready to take a few blows but at level 47… well, cover up your privates and get to it!

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