Bandrica: The story of a Night Elf Hunter

A quick rundown of my Night Elf
This article is over 9 years old and may contain outdated information

In 2005, I started my journey with World of Warcraft. After living in a rural area of Texas,  unable to procure anything other than dial up,  I finally was able to log on to my future addiction for the next 9 years,  and counting. But this is more about Bandrica than me. Bandrica started his journey across Azeroth where all Night Elves do,  Teldrassil. He was immediately in over his head,  taking quests from people he barely knew and going places he had never been. But he was no chicken,  or he told himself that. He quickly made friends,  though. Some for a short time,  others still to this day. As he made his way across Kalimdor it became clear his path would lead him beyond the seas,  to the Eastern Kingdoms,  and as duty called to the Outland,  Northrend,  a return to much altered Azeroth and Pandaria. He even had to change his name along the way do to an unfortunate run in with an identity stealing Murloc. And now,  he faces the call of duty yet again,  and he will not shrink in the face of the Iron Horde.  Bandrica joins his friends once again to journey into The Dark Portal! 

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Image of Bandica