BOOBS! Now that I have your attention, please read on.

Merry Christmas from Billy the Marine

Dear Gamer Clause,

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I’ve been good all year (Except for toasting Zerglings) and would like a couple of things for Christmas, If I may.

-I would like a proper desktop PC, as I’m currently writing this from a laptop with a processor powered by a hamster on a wheel.

-I would also like A Star Citizen Alpha Invite as well as a Hearthstone Beta Key (but, of course, who doesn’t) 

-I would like Starcraft II: Legacy Of The Void (When it comes out, at least) and a collector’s edition wouldn’t hurt either 😛

-I could also use a pre-ordered copy of Elder Scrolls Online (however, you’ll have to refer to #1 to see why that may be an issue)

All in all, I want what every dedicated (PC) gamer wants: a good PC, some good games, and maybe a little spending money on the side.

I’d also like to wish all the other applicants – er, I mean, little boys and girls – good luck in the conte – for christmas – and wish the men and women of Gameskinny a merry christmas!



Flynn Kennedy.

(PS. that last bit was all bollocks, I just want some free stuff) 😛

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