I’m Still Here

I'm a WoW player with failing health, that just wants to thank everyone for making me feel so much better... but it's also for a contest!
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Greetings, I’m KillerCaitie. I started playing WoW back in BC as a Warlock. I love to collect mini pets, and I’m known for requesting a pigtail hairstyle for human females, on the WoW official forums.

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Now that you know my basic WoW background, I shall tell the tale of my most important times in WoW.

I have always enjoyed playing this game, I love being a Warlock. The thing is, I have dealth with heath problems, and depression, for most of my life. I can’t go out and enjoy most of the activities that I used to enjoy doing. That alone gets me feeling bummed out. So, I enjoy taking a trip to Azeroth to see my friends.

Friends, the most amazing people in the world. I met many of my WoW buddies while lurking around on the WoW General Discussion Forum. A bunch of us got together a year ago to make a guild for all of the forumers. A place for all of us to play the game together. All forumers were and still are welcome to join “of the Forums” on Borean Tundra – and I don’t just mean that as a shameless plug. (tomorrow is our first Guild anniversary though!)

Back on topic here, the guild means a lot to me. These people, these wonderful people have accepted me. They listen to me if I am upset, help me in game when I am too dizzy to play it solo, and we just have ever so much fun in vent. These wonderful people, they are like a family to me, I love them all. They were there when I was depressed to the point of attempted suicide. They would message me, skype me, any way to contact me to make sure I was ok. They understand what my gaming limits are, but they do the very best they can to help me. They do not have to do this, they are not obligated to in anyway. They choose to be there for me, as I try my very best to be there for them.

Eariler this year, I expressed my thanks upon the WoW forums. Many of the points there are still true even now. They help me dear with my depression, anxiety, they have made me more social, and I’m generally happier any time I spend time with them. 


As you can see, the response from the forums was massive. I was at a loss of words that day. (Something that never happens to talkitive me!) It moved me to tears.

Now, you’re probably wondering why I’m not speaking of the game itself very much… It’s a very simple reason why. I love this game, but if I had to play it alone, I would not enjoy it anywhre near as much as I do when I can play with my friends. I’ve never met any of them off of this game, but they care that I am alive and well. It just stuns me to believe that such wonderful people exist, and on a video game of all places.

As it stands, I am unable to work, and I am broke. My WoW time runs out next month, and I cannot even dream of affording Warlords. But even if I cannot play the game, or be on the forum… I still have my friends. I can hear about their wonderful adventures in the game, but I can still have fun chatting with them.

I want to thank Blizzard for this awesome game, and to my beloved guildies for making my life even better. If it wasn’t for you guys, I probably wouldn’t be alive right now to type this… but I’m still here. ๐Ÿ™‚


Note: Yes, I do end up in the hospital quite often. I do recieve professional medical help for my mental/physical problems. I don’t just rely on fun to fix me. ๐Ÿ˜›

( I had almost forgotten about this contest, and I remembered it while strapped to a gurney at the hospital last night. Hopefully, this is entered in time!)

Thanks for reading, with love,


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