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“Kpis, the wow lover” #10YearsOfWoW

the evolution of Kpis, the paladin and the girl #10YearsOfWoW
This article is over 9 years old and may contain outdated information

Can you imagine a brazilian girl who didn’t know English trying to play World of Warcraft? That was me 

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Burning Crusade

I still remember how I met the best game of the world… back to 2007… I was at my uncle’s house and he was on WoW playing as a lvl 10 warrior mining cooper vein next to Ironforge… and I was like “WHAT A WONDERFUL GAME!!” 
2 days after that, my dad bought a world of warcraft account and created an human paladin and I used to watch him playing all day, sometimes he used to let me play. He was a holy paladin named as Losilsonjr and, lemme be honest, he sucked, poor dad ๐Ÿ™ Once I was next to him and his group was going to die so I said “excuse me” and calmly healed EVERYBODY so they asked him “what happened? we are alive!” and he said “that was just my dog healing for me” /bark 

2 months later was my 13 years old birthday so I called my dad “I WANT YOUR PASSWORD, IM GOING TO PLAY !” and that’s how my human paladin, named as Kpis, my real life nickname was born. My birthday gift? 10 golds and I thought I was rich … what a stupid girl! And I found out, a school friend played WoW as well, so she created Srta, an human warlock and our adventure began ! 

But the funny part of our adventure, I just knew how to say “Sorry, Im brazilian and i dont know english” and so did she. We had so much fun trying to figure out how to do quests and what people were saying to us, the nice part: we used to talk in portuguese and people had no clue what we were saying. it was hillarious ! She stopped playing at lvl 42 and I promised her I was going to hit 70 for us. 
Did you know you had to do a quest to get the paladin and the warlock horse? It was really painful, expensive and we had spent weeks for that but we got it ! 

My uncle used to help me, the dwarf I saw at lvl 10 was around 10-15 levels away from me and we used to do dungeons together, just us… Sad times with NO DUNGEON FINDER, can you imagine that?! I used to dream to be a tank, that sounded cool but… he was a tank and he needed a healer so… I leved till lvl 64 as protection healer, awesome huh? People used to see me healing my uncle and made me heal the dungeons… Now I’m a happy (?), hmm not really, healer – I really hate leveling her as healer sometimes, it hurts ^^ 
And I got into a guild, Red Shirt Brigade, and I’m still into this guild since then, the guild leader? a canadian, the assistant? australian, the other assistant? american and me? brazilian. Yeah it was amazing trying to understand each other and they decided to help me learning english and it was amazing, I thank them for helping me and for the wonderful moments we have since then. 
I remember the day I got 70, I was like “and now? what?!”, I became a pvp healer, really nice 

One of my most amazing moments on World of Warcraft was doing Razorfen Kraul 
with a weird group: an arcane mage, a frost mage, a hunter and a rogue, we were like lvl 34-36 and WE FINISHED THAT! we probably spent a whole day trying to do that, we should have gotten an achievement for that


Then I was diagnosted with depression…I had some terrible days but I just had to press ENTER GAME and things seemed easier to live through. 

I and the Red Shirt Brigade members became such good friends, we even created our own family: the guild leader is my wow dad, the australian woman is my wow mom, i got 3 uncles, 1 brother and 1 sister and even a brother in law ! I still talk to some of them and they are amazing ♥

Wrath of the Lich King 

I decided to create a death knight, they look amazing and I fell in love for the Lich King, he is amazing, isnt he? Kaapiis was born and I love her since the create button 

I’ve been a blood death knight, at the beginning of the expansion, it was a dps spec, the tank spec was frost but… I used to tank really better as blood – after few weeks Blizzard changed it, probably they saw how good I was as a blood tank ๐Ÿ™‚ 
My uncle became the best tank of the server and his friends decided to play with us but they needed a healer so… Kpis is back ! We used to have so much fun together, I was the little girl and they helped me a lot, we became really good friends. 
I’ve got few alts at this moment but I used to play more on Kaapiis and Kpis, sometimes on Losilsonjr, the paladin that used to be dad’s and he became tank, finally I could be a paladin tank ! 
And as you could see, my baby computer used to be terrible, but it was enought to let me play and enjoy, I was a nice slowly moving pixels :)) But dad decided to give us a good computer and… WHAT A WONDERFUL GAME ! I’m such an amazing human, a good looking night elf and what? Losilsonjr has a nice beard ! 


So it’s Cataclysm time, what happened to my world? I don’t recognize that river, I didn’t know about that lake, oh wait is that a volcano? Azeroth is upside down … I decided to have Capislock to help fixing the world, she is powerfull, we had to fight and we were ready ! 

I started dating a boy from school and he didn’t really like the game, so I tried to share the attention to wow and to boyfriend, Oh how many times did he get here and I said “sit there and wait, middle of dungeon!” poor boy 
And brazilian server were created… even so I didnt want to leave Kilrogg and my amazing Red Shirt Brigade. 
At my 16th birthday, I was on Kpis enjoying our birthday and I got promoted to guild assistant, an exception, you had to be 18 for that but… I felt special ♥

Cataclysm was a nice expansion, too bad I had to study a lot to get into college so I couldn’t play as much as I wanted but… I GOT INTO COLLEGE and my guild had a party for that, we all cheering at Stormwind ! 

Mists of Pandaria

I decided to create a char on a brazilian server just for fun and then I met 3 brazilian boys who are amazing and made me play with them, I was a blood deathknight named as deathkpis, Tui was a healer priest, Bibis was a feral druid and Ygor a dps dk, we had so much fun leveling together since 58 till 90. 
After that, some of their friends got into world of warcraft to play with us, we created a guild named VinteTres cm sem Buff, we were all 16-18 years old so just imagine how fun it was. We used to do dungeons and raids together, talk all day and night. I was the most experienced member so I used to help them a lot, some of them used to call me at 2am to ask for help, LEMME SLEEP!! But I was always ready to help them ๐Ÿ™‚ 

Deathkpis became my 1st 90. 

So time to get back to Kilrogg where I had more chars willing to get 90 :)) 
I created a facebook wow fan page ( where I’ve been helping some friends
I invited some of my boyfriend’s friends to play with me and they really enjoyed the game and didnt leave it ^^ Once my boyfriend got mad because of how the game was driving him crazy, I’m a wow lover and I was always talking about wow and my wow friends and at his house, his 2 friends were playing so he said “I HATE THAT GAME!! You have to choose: me or that stupid game called world of warcraft?!” I just smiled and ‘World of Warcraft’ 
Because of my facebook page, Some people decided to play world of warcraft – some were following to check some Blizzard news and some were from a private server and I invited them to Blizzard – one of these guys is my actual friend, he used to play on a private server and he met my page so I invited him to play with me but he wanted to be an hordie, so DOUBLE AGENT HERE I GO ! 
We had so much fun together and it was so sweet, Im the tank warrior, he is the healer druid, nice couple huh? And we fell in love … We live really far away but we intend to meet each other and spend the rest of life together, we really got the achievement “Make love, not warcraft” ♥

Warlords of Draenor

Warlords of Draenor is coming and my babies and I are ready ! 

here is my #10YearsOfWoW special draw

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