My Wow Story from the Burning Crusade times.

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Hello everyone. I’ve gone by many names over the years since I been playing WoW for about 10 years now off and on, but nowadays I go by Dober. I won’t make this a long story so I shall keep it short and sweet.

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Back in 2008, I was rolling a horde paladin tank on a small PvP called Nazjatar. I was in a raiding guild was some guys I leveled up with at the time. One of them known as Mathfails, whom also has a youtube channel. He was a very funny guy to play with at the time and we always messed around with accents like Borat and so on. I wanted to share one of my most memoriable moments I have on WoW that I wish I had recorded when it happened that involved Mathfails.

Tempest Keep

We started clearing some of Tempest Keep, Loot reaver, Al’ar, and were now starting to progress Solarian. She had an abilitly like the Baron Geddon Living bomb that shot everyone up in the sky and would basically wipe the raid rather than just nuking them. While we were fighting the boss sometimes Mathfails insticively held his mic down when he talked to his family at home as sometimes others would. During one of our Solarian attempts, his mom asked him what he wanted her to pick him up for dinner. In character and holding the mic down without realizing it, he blurted out, “McDonalds! Chicken Nuggets Muuuuuuuuuuuuum!” A Majority of the raid completely lost it, laughing so hard that whoever had the bomb didn’t leave the raid and blew up everyone and wiped it. The guildmaster started yelling about the wipe and told everyone to focus. Ironically, he caused the next raid wipe and just blames it on lag.


I still talk to one of my other buddies once in awhile that was in that guild and always reminisce the old time like that. But a story that you can never forget after all these years felt like the best one to tell. I hope you all enjoyed this short!

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