Our crazy WOW Love Story

Husband and Wife, all because of WOW
This article is over 9 years old and may contain outdated information

Well, about 6 years ago, I met this crazy Undead Mage named Wickedendz.  He was in my guild called The Boogeymen.  I had just started geting back into WOW and was leveling my character.  I was working on my First Aid trainning and need to train out in Outland.  I was too low of a level to try and go out there by myself so I asked in guild chat if anyone would help me.  Wicked did not hesitate and agreed to escort me out there in his Mechano-hog.  🙂   He almost died during this trip and we finally made it out there!  We now refer to this as our “first date”.  

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After this day, we talked daily and eventually exchanged phone numbers and Skype information.  Thankfully, I lived in Dallas at the time and he lived in Houston so when we decided to meet face to face for the first time, it wasn’t a long trip. 

So, I have now lived down here in Houston for 5 years and we have been married for 2 years!!!  WOW truly changed our lives and we are so very grateful for this game.    


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