Seeking the Most Outlandishly Useless Armor: February GS Contest

If armor can be defeated by someone wielding safety scissors, is it really armor?

If armor can be defeated by someone wielding safety scissors, is it really armor?

[UPDATE] Check out current entries here!

Epic shoulder pauldrons that look utterly badass, but stab you in the head when you’re stabbing an opponent.

Chainmail booty shorts that leave vast regions of your character’s critical organs open for evisceration. 

Shoes you couldn’t even put on, much less execute defensive manuevers in.

What is the most ridiculously useless armor set you’ve ever seen?

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How to Enter:
  • Each unique armor set counts as an entry.
  • There is no limit on entry numbers. 
  • Publish your entry using either the slideshow or standard article format.
What to Include:

Image: At least one picture of the armor you’re nominating, preferably one that shows how terrible an idea it would be to wear this into battle.

Game Name: Which game decided this was a good idea? Tell us. 

Armor Title: What is the armor set called?

Why would it be such a bad idea to wear this to a real fight? We want details. Hilarious details if possible.

What kind of benefits do you get for wearing it in-game? +300 to defense? Do tell. 

Tag your entry “Useless Armors” using the bonus points tab (or just submit your entry via the button below, and it will do the work for you like a futuristic robot butler).

Ready to rush headlong into battle ill-equipped?

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The Prize:

Win, and you’ll score a $75 gift certificate to Amazon. 

How to Win:
  • Submit your entires before Friday, February 21st.
  • Monday, February 24th we’ll feature our favorites in a slideshow, and let readers vote through the end of the week to determine a winner.
  • Winner will be announced Monday, March 3rd. 

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