The Great Looooong Adventure

Alright this is a great long adventure. Well…… Ehhh yeah lets keep it at that no time going back now, lad. It all started in 2005 you see earily 2005 that is. I use to play World of Warcraft on my friend’s account, poor bastard was a noob because I made him rage quit when I out leveled his mage. Mages so squishy up close like booger!! But anyway by time Burning Crusade hit I was on my own out there. With a old tauren druid and my own account to adventure on, Lucky doo-doo-do me right paying for my own game now. Pisser! *Pauses looking around at the silence* Oh I am sorry where was I? So, I started off being a noob not knowing pickles from cucumbers had some heart breaks here and there got hacked man though those ended my career but I strike back with my fist! Against those hackers(With the help of a GM). Let’s get going to Wrath of the Lich King now, my favorite time period of course. Now I’ve done gone and added a blood elf paladin to my arsounal and so you know now this time I mean business. Hit 80 quickly over geared my druid was destroying everything dungeons, that level 79 mob in Storm Peak not the 80s they always killed me. Did I forget raid, I know I know I sucked at those till I found a nice guild to help me gear for Icecrown Citadel which by the very end of Wrath I had some gear to be proud of. Okay so now I had some knowledge of what was happening it was off to Catacylsm. Oh yeah! I hit it big now I became the geared hero I was suppose to be I got money, fame, women, gear…. Fine fine!! Okay not women but all the rest I did get! I promise and this is my story so sit down and listen  you patrons and matrons of this tavern. Man I swear I should of went to Stormwind. Alright where was I? Ah, yes the faction change to Alliance so once I transfered to Alliance I continued my gearing process through Four Winds then on to LFR Dragon Soul then Normal Dragon Soul but nope nope not heroic thats like a spider on the floor just don’t go no where near it! Okay but we are on to Pandarean now. Okay honestly Pandas are cute but not when they know karate. I won’t go into detail what happens when you flirt with their women. Now I had a new character a blood elf warlock and he was the best yet I rocked to 560 ilvl in no time yeah gear is to easy to get now a day no working for it. I got the green fire black harvester title! and I defeated Garrosh on normal((now heroic)) before Flex or LFR like a BOSS! Well, when it all comes down to all of this guess we are all heros no matter what gear you have or race or anything because wow players are called heros to begin with anyway 😉

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