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World of Warcraft a love story. Suck it I met my husband playing Warcraft! #10YearsofWoW
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In the beginning:

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So I began my Warcraft experince in the Winter of 2005. A young Night Elf Druid named Talula was born on the Maelstrom server. I had played MMORPGs before but when I entered the World of Warcraft I was a complete noob. The interface was different than any I had ever seen but it was so shiny! 



I loved the fact that Warcraft brought other nerdtastic people just like me together in a fantastical world where we can hunt dragons, creatures and each other (PvP rocks!)

My Character Journey

I joined several guilds in my early days until I found a group of adults with just as filthy a mouth as I’ve got and just the right amount of insanity to keep things interesting. I rose throught the ranks of my guild and eventually became the guilds class raid leader and healing leader. Good times. Our guild also had several identity crisises and changed it’s name several times, but hey, you gotta change things up every once in a while, right? Eventually 2007 arrived and big changes we in store both in game and personally.

In game, the fantastic group of nerds I had been playing with was starting to fall apart, not unlike my personal life at the time. The guild split in two but the group I ended up with started recruiting and we soon rebuilt what had fallen.

My Personal Journey

Ok, so I get that this is about 10 years of WoW but Warcraft provided the platform for a huge change in my life. In the summer of 2007 our guild leader recruited a Human warrior who would later become my husband. For real, I met my husband playing WoW. ( The kids think we are so cool for this btw).

My personal life was a mess, my current marraige was ending and I needed someone to talk to, so between raiding and PvP this new warrior who joined our guild became my therapist, 15 bucks a month for therapy is a screaming good deal! We became arena partners (try and tell me there is a better pairing than a resto druid and an arms warrior..go on, I dare you) and eventually a friendship between two strangers blossomed into an online romance. Take that!



We continued playing together for about a year and then somthing magical happened! I was offered a job with an airline and could  fly for free. At the time I lived in North Carolina and he lived in Arizona. So we met in 2008. Warcraft provided a platform for the two of us to spend time together when we were 2000 miles away from each other. We killed Horde together, raided together, role played together..I mean what more could a girl want! We made an amazing team, but he knew not to piss me off on raid days cause there might be an accident…

In The End

I moved to Arizona in 2008 and then we got married in 2011. Warcraft truely changed my life and led me to my husband and the life I lead today. We have continued to play off and on since and are hoping to fall right back into the fold once the expansion is released.

Final Thoughts and Life Lessons

I created my new and lasting friendships in WoW. “raiding” UBRS were some of the best times I can remember, laughing, wiping, crying cause we wiped for the 5th time and moving on to bigger and better content. Quenching my insatiable need to collect all the pets! (yes I forced him and guildmates to try and farm Zul’Gurab repeatedly…Griefing the Horde, then making friends with them after spawn camping them for hours..(I get it I was a bit of a dick..) 

So in conclusion, suck it and eharmony I met my husband on World of Warcraft!


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