Lost Vikings Find Their Way to Blizzard's Heroes of the Storm

The Lost Vikings Erik, Baleog, and Olaf make their return in Heroes of the Storm after an 18-year absence.

In a video published yesterday, Blizzard Entertainment revealed that The Lost Vikings from the SNES title of the same name would be among the heroes in their beta MOBA title Heroes of the Storm. Erik, Baleog, and Olaf are Specialist types that are a part of the "Insane" difficulty group of heroes because of the player's ability to control them individually or as a group.

According to PC Gamer's interview with Heroes of the Storm's Lead Game Producer Kaeo Milker, the Vikings will allow players micro-manage all three separately to do "truly insane things like maintain presence across up to three lanes at once, and even have the potential to complete battleground objectives like capturing the Dragon Knight all by themselves."

The Lost Vikings was an SNES puzzle platformer published by Blizzard in 1992. While a sequel was released in 1997, the franchise was shelved so Blizzard could concentrate on the WarcraftDiablo, and (released the following year) StarCraft franchises. The Lost Vikings 2 was actually the last game Blizzard released that wasn't a part of those three franchises.

I only had Nintendo consoles growing up, so I never played any of Blizzard's PC offerings, but I did play The Lost Vikings a lot. You kids can keep your Kerrigans and your Tyraels, I'll be sticking with my hang-gliding Vikings.

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Published Feb. 12th 2015
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    Blizz is absolutely killing it with all the HotS hype videos.

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